W.A.C. Operates within the context of a global economy to provide superior creative services and high-yielding investment opportunities. The company’s eclectic portfolio of projects and on-going ventures include upscale real estate developments, cutting-edge scientific research, and world class artistic enterprises. Please refer to the following links for detailed information on specific projects and services.


What we do

WAC International is a diverse portfolio development
company. It provides a variety of services and
opportunities for investors who have interests in real
estate, technology, business investments,
entertainment and meda production.

We endeavor to achieve excellence and distinction by
nurturing the creative process within which our
company and people operate. Our unique combination
of artistic projects together with our scientific and
business enterprises expresses the very eclectic nature
of W.A.C. International.

Real Estate

W.A.C. Construction and Development ventures in the US and Canada includes condominiums, apartment complexes, office buildings, retail outlets and hotels. The company has received praises from numerous clients for it’s professionalism, creative designs, architecture and beautiful landscaping.

International Business

We deal in all commercial transactions (private and governmental, sales, investments, logistics, and transportation) that take place between regions, countries and nations beyond their political boundaries.


Skytech System Framework is designed around the innovative proprietary technology of electromagnetic coil technology. This technology is currently being tested for as an early choice for the U.S. Navy carrier launch catapult systems, both designed by Skytech’s Chief Engineer, George Scelzo.

Art & Entertainment

W.A.C. International has a long history of arts and entertainment promotions. Conrad Wagner has promoted small to large scale events and tours for some of the major entertainers oboth f today , as well as other legends in the industry.

Conrad Wagner

CEO/Chairman - WAC


Conrad Wagner began his professional career by obtaining a position coveted by many young men, working at the engineering and design center at the Fisher Body Automotive Design division of General Motors in Detroit, Michigan. However, Conrad’s drive and creative mindset demanded that he begin his own path. Conrad’s passions for art and music drew him to the next great move in his entertainment career, the Pine Knob Entertainment Complex. Located in Michigan, Pine Knob is one of the most prestigious entertainment complexes in the world, including such attractions as a world-class golf course, ski resort, amphitheatre, restaurants, night clubs and residences. The next stop in Conrad’s journey was to establish WAC Entertainment. WAC became a viable competitor in the arena of national concert promotion in 2000 with it’s inaugural $14 million, 43 city Nine Inch Nails Fragility v.2.0 tour, with many top promoters interested, including SFX Entertainment, Clear Channel and Metropolitan Entertainment Group. WAC prevailed over the competition and the tour was touted as the best tour of 2000 by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Continuing on the entertainment path with a plethora of performances under his belt, (such as, Julio Iglesias, George Burns, Bob Hope, Andre Bocelli, Reba McEntire, Martina McBride, Faith Evans, Mark Wills and others) Conrad also introduced an Italian neo-classical orchestra, Rondo Veneziano to American public. Conrad’s dedication earned approval for the orchestra to perform on television and gained WAC International rights to Rondo Veneziano. His passion for art and music blossomed into a desire to make the world a better place, leading him to become a serious supporter of the “Embassy Series”, a Washington DC based program promoting international “good will” through the presentation of various social events performed in many foreign embassies and ambassador’s residencies. Conrad’s endeavors led him in working to assist the State Department in their “good will” promotions, contributing by getting film star Angelina Jolie involved in supporting the “good will” efforts.

Cori Wagner

President - WAC


Cori started out in retail banking, advancing rapidly due to her abilities to forge relationships with customers, peers and managers. Seeking more challenge, she joined her father’s business, WAC International. She was instrumental in managing substantial real estate holdings and various entertainment efforts. Her ability to multitask was a boon for her success, as well as embracing deadlines and pressures of challenging personalities, earning her a key place in WAC’s many accomplishments. Cori is also an established equestrian, contributing by volunteering with Lake County Sheriff’s Mounted Unit and competed in the International Police Olympics, being honored with Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in events like Equitation, Speed, Team Riding and Obstacles.

Jonathan Cruz

President - AGOLON


Jonathan was born in Manhattan NYC, but grew up in Dalton, Georgia. A great lover of art and music, he started young by participating and eventually teaching Drum Corps. He went on to found and played drums for a local Metalcore band called Autumn Rapture in 2009. The band toured around Atlanta and released a EP in 2010. With the band in a soft hiatus, Jonathan continued on his journey through the entertainment industry, joining up with WAC International. With a great understanding of technology’s movement, he has worked his way up through intense research of past musical industry failures as well as visions of the industry’s future.

Jey Frye

Archistructures LLC


Jey’s career began with at Harken Energy only a year out of college. Finding that life behind a cubicle wasn’t for him, he began restoring homes in Waxahachie Texas (Famed for it’s historic homes) and was soon recruited by RJ Miller where he remodeled Kmart stores all over Texas, as well as building an $19 million water park in Edenburg. Not long after Jey was hired to build the $10 million Waxahachie Civic Center he headed two divisions of V Anderson Inc. working to build infrastructure for sub-divisions. After Hurricane Ivan, he found himself working in Pensacola, Florida as an estimator for a public adjuster and was involved in every hurricane that struck the U.S. for the next five years. Today, Jey consults for architectural and construction firms. He has developed a process called Builder’s IQ and has been using it as a guideline to help General Contractor’s and others in the construction and development field.

Hank Robitaille

President - WASC


W.A.C. Founder and CEO, Conrad Wagner has been designing, developing and building projects for more than 35 years. He is also an expert in land acquisition and possesses excellent research and negotiating skills.



All of these brands are an integral part of the WAC International business model. Intregrated to specialize in specific areas of industry in the global market. 

Archistructures LLC